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Memory Fail

April 29, 2009

So there I am getting some hiking/camping gear downtown. God knows what the total amount is, all I can tell is that my wallet is feeling pathetically thin. Anyway, I end up grabbing some slices of garlic cheese pizza (damn good pizza, btw) while waiting for the bus, and eventually make my way out of downtown to the area in which I reside. I get off a couple stops earlier than normal, deciding on a whim to get some lip balm to take with me.

To hell with Burt and his Bees: the store had me fork over $5 for the little stick of lip balm no bigger than my pinky. What makes matters even “better” is that upon arriving home and commencing to pack my bag, I suddenly realize my little crapstick of balm is nowhere to be found. The only thing I have left witness that I even bought the thingis a little piece of the box that it came in, that somehow survived while it did not.

I’ve successfully checked off every damn thing on my list of stuff to get, minus sunblock and a knife, but it still drives me up a wall when I lose something right after buying it. Actually, to be honest, it bothers me if I lose anything at all…but I guess that can be said for many people.

Is this the human form of pedo bear or something?

The guy looks worse than pedobear...

Anyway, this post is really just an excuse to post this picture:

Don’t even bother asking me wtf this is, because I don’t really know. Click on it to get the full sized image, and also see if you can find the not-so-hidden “easter egg” of sorts.

Well, apparently it is a “creepy parody” of My Neighbor Totoro, and that information was supplied by a complete weaboo pro link-spamming friend of mine that REALLY NEEDS TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. That’s right, you heard me, I know you’re reading this (or will eventually)! xD Anyway, thanks as always for knowing the information to everything and anything, and you really should just type a sentence instead of drawing crapics or linking me all the time :b.

Bye for now,


Gonna Watch

April 23, 2009

Was reading around and was told that a blog should be posted in at least once every two days, and as I really have nothing better to post about I just though I’d make a list of movies that I have interest in watching when I get the chance.

rec REC is a Spanish horror film released back in 2007. My uncle was actually the one that recommended it to me, how long ago I don’t remember, but now I’m actually getting around to seeing it. REC is the story of a television reporter, Ángela Vidal, and her cameraman, Pablo, who are covering the night shift in a local fire station for the documentary series While You Sleep. Although they are prepared for a more or less normal night, stuff goes awry and the horror begins.

One of Jim Carrey’s newer movies, Yes Man seems like much more of a funny comedy as opposed to a stupid one. Apparently it is based on a true story, and is about a random depressed guy that starts saying “yes” to every opportunity that presents itself, and ends up happy and whatnot. Knowing it’s a Jim Carrey movie, though, I’m kind of scared to find out exactly what he will agree to do throughout the movie.

El Orfanato (The Orphanage) is another Spanish horror film, though this time no one really recommended it to me. The main character, Laura, returns to the orphanage in which she grew up with her husband, Carlos, and adopted son, Simón. She hopes to turn the orphanage into a home for disabled children, but a problem arises when Simón makes an “imaginary” friend with whom he threatens to run away with.

A thriller this time, Taken is the story of a man who sets off to track his daughter down after she is kidnapped in Europe. There isn’t that much else to say about it, except that the trailer really made me want to watch it.

If you know of any movies that are just plain excellent, or you at least think so, feel free to comment and let me know so I can watch them sometime.



Mabinogi Lag Fix

April 15, 2009

UPDATE: If you’d prefer to have a program do the changes detailed below for you, go here and click the download link on the right side. You’ll have to run the install.vbs with wscripter.exe, which you can find in C:\WINDOWS\system32.

It has been on my mind to do this for a while now, so without further ado I present to you my guide on one quick way to fix lag in the MMO, Mabinogi. Images have been attached in case that the instructions themselves are too confusing, and if you run into any trouble feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll give you a hand.

Vista users please note that for some reason this does absolutely nothing half the time, and is really just a toss up between fixing lag or doing absolutely nothing. The instructions are the same, though your interface will be slightly altered.

XP users should also be aware that in some cases this fix does little to nothing, though usually it will help your lag problems or improve latency.

Here we go.

A) Click on your start button and click Run.


B) Type regedit and click OK or press Enter.


C) Regedit should open and, using the little +’s that are next to the folders, open the directory HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet.


D) Now open the directory Services, which is inside the CurrentControlSet folder. Don’t worry about the vast amounts of folders that appear, just scroll down until you reach tcpip. Once you do, open it followed by Parameters and Interfaces.


E) Inside Interfaces, there should be some folders that have a bunch of gibberish for names, such as {2197B88E-etc. Click on the first one, and then look to the right side where all the files are.


F) Read through the files and see if there is one named TcpAckFrequency. If there is, you can skip to G). If not: right click and add a new DWORD. Rename said DWORD TcpAckFrequency. Please note that TcpAckFrequency is case sensitive, and must be written exactly as is.


G) Right click on the DWORD TcpAckFrequency, and then click Modify.


H) Set the Value Data to 1, leave the Base as Hexadecimal, and hit Enter or press OK.


I) Repeat steps F) – H) in all the other folders found in the Interfaces directory, then close regedit and reboot your computer.

To see if this worked, cast the heal spell on somebody before rebooting your computer. When you reboot and try again, the speed at which you cast heal should be much faster. If you do not have the heal spell, try equipping rest to a hotkey and spamming said hotkey and see a difference before and after rebooting.

Hope this helps someone in some way, especially those that requested a picture guide because they were not computer savvy.