Memory Fail

April 29, 2009

So there I am getting some hiking/camping gear downtown. God knows what the total amount is, all I can tell is that my wallet is feeling pathetically thin. Anyway, I end up grabbing some slices of garlic cheese pizza (damn good pizza, btw) while waiting for the bus, and eventually make my way out of downtown to the area in which I reside. I get off a couple stops earlier than normal, deciding on a whim to get some lip balm to take with me.

To hell with Burt and his Bees: the store had me fork over $5 for the little stick of lip balm no bigger than my pinky. What makes matters even “better” is that upon arriving home and commencing to pack my bag, I suddenly realize my little crapstick of balm is nowhere to be found. The only thing I have left witness that I even bought the thingis a little piece of the box that it came in, that somehow survived while it did not.

I’ve successfully checked off every damn thing on my list of stuff to get, minus sunblock and a knife, but it still drives me up a wall when I lose something right after buying it. Actually, to be honest, it bothers me if I lose anything at all…but I guess that can be said for many people.

Is this the human form of pedo bear or something?

The guy looks worse than pedobear...

Anyway, this post is really just an excuse to post this picture:

Don’t even bother asking me wtf this is, because I don’t really know. Click on it to get the full sized image, and also see if you can find the not-so-hidden “easter egg” of sorts.

Well, apparently it is a “creepy parody” of My Neighbor Totoro, and that information was supplied by a complete weaboo pro link-spamming friend of mine that REALLY NEEDS TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. That’s right, you heard me, I know you’re reading this (or will eventually)! xD Anyway, thanks as always for knowing the information to everything and anything, and you really should just type a sentence instead of drawing crapics or linking me all the time :b.

Bye for now,


One comment

  1. Totoro is like Winnie the Pooh in Japan. Knowing what it is doesn’t make me a shut-in, but rather you a shut-out :P.

    Anyways, sorry for being lazy all the time. I’m just permanently tired from school, like yesterday I just got home and collapsed onto my bed to sleep for 3 hours, spending the last 2 hours awake dizzy and uncoordinated.

    It’s also hard to describe movie posters without showing an actual picture of it, especially when the point of showing it is for a comparison.

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