Heading Out

May 1, 2009

Well, amassed here is all the gear that I will be taking on my hiking trip, excluding some extra gear that I chucked in later such as food.

p10007691It doesn’t look like much, but bleeding bank accounts cry out in disagreement. Thank god it’s only a 5 day hike, I couldn’t imagine carrying any more food or anything for that matter. It was a pain to pack it all in my bag, but as you can see below I eventually crammed it all in. The pack itself is smaller than most of the others, but it is really densely packed which makes it weigh basically the same save a pound or two.

That's mine on the left.

That's mine on the left.

Anyway, tomorrow morning at 6:30 am I will be heading out to do some of the West Coast Trail, and I’m honestly not looking forward to waking up that early at all. I asked Saxon to post while I’m gone, with which he will hopefully follow through. I should be back by Friday, assuming I don’t get eaten by a bear, so I’ll post some pictures and whatnot when I return.

Cheers until then,


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  1. Have fun =)

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