Life of I

May 4, 2009

Hey there. I failed. Supposed to have a post every two days. Ah well. Everyone have a nice weekend?

Saturday… I attended a birthday party. We went glow-bowling. Everyone was younger than me, but it was fun anyway. Then Chinese food. We were really loud and obnoxious. I think they were a little bit glad when we left, but they were nice about it.
Sunday was fun too. Helped assemble a gazebo and barbeque, then went to see the Wolverine movie with family and friends. Was pretty sweet, I must admit. Go see it.
Today was fun too. I went to my anatomy class. Eye dissection. I’ll put on some pictures later. If you want. You don’t, do you?
I had some actual content for this, but that will go on later. See you peoples later.


One comment

  1. No, I don’t. And yes, wolverine was pretty awesome.

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