Blood and Thunder

May 6, 2009

Anyone else into books? The title is a reference to one of the best I’ve never read. What are we all reading right now? Any reccomendations?

At the moment, I’m reading George Orwell’s 1984. I’m not very far, but it’s really interesting. It appeals to the more technically-oriented me. I’ve got a couple other classics to read whenever I get bored too, as well as several used books that I picked up for free at the newspaper’s book fair. $2 each, $3 for hard cover. Was friggin’ amazing. I picked up 15 or 20, but I met one of my English teachers who said that she had already sent out her husband with her first batch!
Anyway, some of the stuff from that pile that I plan to read includes Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and Othello, some books by Dean Koontz, a couple by Isaac Asimov (including the Last Question), and some random books by people I have never heard of.

Any comments (even “I LOVE BOOKS!!!1”) are appreciated. Tell me anything.

Big Brother is watching.



One comment

  1. I LOVE BOOKS!!!1

    appreciate it.

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