Late Return

May 30, 2009

Aloha good folks!

Some random hunter dude cut open the bears stomach so I could get out, so here I am a couple weeks late. That and the fact that I’ve been extremely lazy since I got back, and have had a bunch of stuff on my plate. Anyway, first down to the trip: it rained every single of the days we were out, save for one where it rained just a little, then was actually clear. NOT sunny, though. On the way back home, we were all basically looking at the ball of fire in the sky like cavemen exclaiming “WTF IS THAT!?”. I also got a haircut on the trail. Well, if you can consider me sawing off my hair with an X-Acto-like blade a haircut, then it is.

The knife at the bottom, the blade(s) I used in the center, and a mechanical pencil for scale.

The knife at the bottom, the blade(s) I used in the center, and a mechanical pencil for scale.

At first I was using the whole knife, but then I realized I could use the blade more efficiently alone. Why did I do this at all, you ask? Well, when you’re wandering around in the bush with half your weight on your back, the last thing you need is for your stupid bangs to get wet and in your eyes. Which happened on the first day. Alot. As soon as we had a fire going I sawed off about an inch of my bangs, and some from the left side of my head, tossing it into the fire when I finally finished. What made it even better is that we cooked some b’dass steaks about 20 minutes later, and those steaks were quite possibly the highlight of the trip. Nothing beats steak cooked over an open fire. NOTHING.

As a final note relevant to the Nitinat trip, while we were doing our last 2 hour canoe venture across one of the lakes, we ended up talking about what we were going to eat first for all 2 hours. A & W Uncle Burgers won by a landslide, which we eventually ate as a huge group when we had the chance. I also had a Mozza Burger.


If you ever have the chance to do a part of the West Coast Trail, I really recommend you do it. Although I admit I would have much rather preferred having sun and wonderful weather, I still had a blast. Make sure you take reliable dry bags, though, because I’m pretty sure they saved my life. I didn’t take many photographs thanks to the weather, but I’ll see about making an online album or just posting the few I have on LoL.

Good to be back,



  1. Sounds intense, but fun regardless. I’ve never had A&W burgers! Never seen them around, where are they?

    • They’re like…everywhere (Assuming you’re talking about A&W of course). Where they are really just depends on your local area, I myself have to drive for 30 minutes to get to the closest one. Unfortunate, but totally worth it.

      • Oh, I checked the location just now and it looks like there are two A&W restaurants in Seattle!

        If it’s worth the 30 minute drive to get to the closest A&W, it really must be good.

      • Well, I never usually go out of my way just for a burger. It’s more of a “hey, I’m in town anyway so I’m going to grab one”. Still, they are pretty good.

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