Monotonous Monday

June 1, 2009

We were thinking of how we could make Mondays a tad more interesting, and then thought of perhaps streaming music for the enjoyment of ourselves and others that were having a dull day. Let us then introduce Musical Mondays~!

Yes the name may sound like something that was thought up of at a homosexual convention (no offense guys), but it seemed like a plausible idea and still does. Even if our taste in music differs from your own, you may just happen to stumble upon some music you like and be temporarily relieved of boredom. Who knows, you could even discover a band you like that you’d have never found otherwise.

So the basic gist is this: every Monday Saxon and/or I will post 1 or 2 musical streams for all to use, which will also later be added to a page of all our compiled streams. So without further ado, let’s get some streams up.

By the by, at yesterdays collectibles convention I ended up buying the hardcover Godfather book from 1969 for $1, a $32 Marvel comic for $5 entitled ‘Doctor Strange vs Dracula'(the dude selling it was a nice guy, regardless of the “deal” I got), and the original Metal Gear Solid for $12. My friend, on the other hand, got 8 Xenomorph comics, 2 Xenomorph action figures (Predator is better!), and an action figure detailing a rat that must have grown up in Chernobyl. He likes his little monster dudes, it seems.

Now off I go to attend a farewell dinner party. May you all have a good evening.


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