I Can Has Arting?

June 2, 2009

After a far too large amount of time, I successfully was able to complete my first vector drawing. I can’t speak for others, but my vector “art” is really just days of tracing in Adobe Flash. Basically it’s art for a moron such as myself that can’t actually draw but has lots of time on his hands.
When we consider the fact that nowadays hanging a chair from a roof with a board nailed through it is considered “art”, I guess calling vectors the same isn’t that inconceivable. I’m pleasantly surprised at how it turned out, but wouldn’t mind learning how to digitally color things nicely. Methinks I’ll put the lineart up for download, so anyone that wants to try (and teach me :P) can do so.

Here’s a picture of the new b’dass sunglasses, by the way.

Spiffy, eh? The things are so light sometimes I forget they’re there, which is bad considering I’ve almost lost them already.

Judging by the weather outside I’m going to be playing tennis in the bowels of Hell yet again. Let’s hope I don’t melt.

Wish me luck,



  1. Its doesn’t rally matter how you created the image too much.
    You showed creativity anyway. That is art.But a chair nailed to the ceiling isn’t. Nice work keep going.

    • That’s a rather optimistic way of looking at it, but I thank you for your kind comment.

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