Friday Films!

June 5, 2009

Just for the hell of having another theme day, Fridays will now be days where either Saxon or I post videos or other films of some sort. Chances are we won’t be making a page for these, as they’re going to be random things found on youtube without any relevance to each other. Anyway, for your first Film Friday, here’s something extremely strange and different that we (at least) find amusing. Is extremely random and has wtfish content, just as a warning to those that take jokes too seriously.

Just to clear up a possible question, here is a little something about the main speaker Aya Shameimaru/Syameimaru’s name (しゃめいまる), and a mini Japanese lesson to boot. Both Sya and Sha are correct, as the Shi with a small Ya can be either of the two. It all depends on if you’re using Hepburn or Kunrei-shiki romanization. Shameimaru is female, by the way, though her voice actor in this video is male. Why I cannot guess.

Now I believe Saxon wished to post something about Lupus, so I’m going to go and find that House demotivator that lurks somewhere on my computer.



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