It’s not Lupus

June 6, 2009

Alright, so…

Doing my final project for my anatomy class. A case study, for a particular illness. Inspired by Dr. House, I chose lupus. Doing my research, I come across this:


Note that SLE refers to systemic lupus erythematosus, known simply as "lupus".

Now, I dunno about you, but I barely understood a couple of the words in that. And I’m taking this course. I suppose that’s what happens when you consult medical texts for information, but… damn. That’s some heavy language. Tell me what you think.


Image is of the Merck’s Manual. 17th ed.


Sorry Saxon, just had to :/



  1. If you’d like to know what the majority of it means… let me know… as a lupus patient I can tell you what the majority of it is.
    (http://autoimmunelife.wordpress.com or email at autoimmunelife (at) gmail (dot) com

    • Thanks, but I’d rather research it myself, as is the purpose of this assignment. Might it be possible to consult you if I did end up having any questions, though? I’m trying to create a believable story of someone with this condition.

      • Makes sense. And yes, definitely! 🙂

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