Saturated Saturday

June 13, 2009

Feel free to punch me for continous use of themed days. However, seeing as yesterday we missed Film Friday, we can make an exception. Before we get down to the videos, though, I’d like to happily announce that Saxon and I attended and lived through our graduation ceremony on Thursday. I was the only graduate student in the classes I attended the following day, though I’m not sure if I was the only one in the entire school. We’ll post some pictures of us looking b’dass sometime this week, and take that as an opportunity to get the about us page up for good. There was also a barbecue hosted by my father Friday night, so I didn’t end up sleeping for near 37 hours. Was fun, though. Now, on with the youtube!

As an apology for missing yesterday, as well as the fact that I just came up with the idea to post it, here is another video about a man that would eat Chuck Norris like the piece of chicken he is.

It’s very difficult to not shed manly tears at the final commercial. I hope you realize what a panzy Chuck is.

Well, I hope that the two videos have been satisfactory this day. I’m going to go do some arting, so goodbye for now.

See you next time,


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