Jouka no Monshou

April 3, 2010

Jouka no Monshou is a short “fanfiction” Visual Novel written by Gen Urobuchi, whom some of you may recognize as the author of Saya no Uta. It takes place in the world of Equilibrium, a science fiction film made in 2002 by Kurt Wimmer.

Starts off with a pretty standard “humans fucked over everything” post-apocalyptic World War 3 setting, where the survivors decide they’ve gone through enough shit and create a society where emotions are sent off to the Gulag camps via drugs. The icing(s) on the cake are the dual wielding Gun Fu Clerics that totally kick ass. Why are ALL clerics not this bad ass, you ask? Because most of them live in DnD, not The Matrix.

So you have a society dominated by emotion oppressing drugs, what kind of things could POSSIBLY happen to the protagonist which would jeopardize his normal way of life? Bingo: lack of said drugs. Do to certain circumstances the protagonist is left without his fix, and has to cope with the situation.

It was a fairly good read for something so short; I’ll check out the movie later tonight.

Download here


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