A Dirty Job

April 4, 2010

The lack of books mentioned in this blog…it disturbs me. It may be getting increasingly difficult to find decent literature these days, but it is still a treat when something does turn up. In this case, it was A Dirty Job, by EEUU author Christopher Moore.

The plot synopsis on the back of the paperback isn’t the best, so I won’t be quoting any of it. A Dirty Job follows the story of Charlie Asher, single father to baby Sophie and owner of a secondhand store in San Francisco. Being a recent widower, he’s trying his best just take things slowly and get back on his feet. The author, of course, has no intention of letting him do so, and Charlie soon finds himself working as Death.

I’m not much of a fan of satirical novels, but Christopher Moore’s writing style has proved to be an exception. Everything is so blunt at times…it’s most excellent. There are also many easy to understand references which may get an extra laugh or two out of you, provided you can connect the dots. I actually guffawed at some points. Really.

Pick it up at the local bookstore (or online) if you’re in the mood.


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