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Movies You’ve Never Heard Of: Dog Soldiers

June 16, 2010

Walking into the garden late one day
Sometime last year around mid May
I saw my next door neighbor walking down the road
And suddenly next to my abode
He did the mash?
Sadly, no. He lent me a movie.

A group of British Soldiers are dropped into the Scottish Highlands for a routine training exercise. They make it well known during the landing that they’re missing an extremely important football game, and are in earnest to finish the exercise as quickly as possible so they can return home. The exercise refuses to be finished easily, however, and decides to make their lives difficult.

Seeing a distress flare in the distance, they go investigate and happen upon a destroyed Special Forces camp. Alongside the gory vegetation, they find many cases of unorthodox equipment, but no bodies. The Sergeant asks the radio man to call in and ask for an airlift. To their surprise, a wounded survivor springs up, repeatedly screaming that “there was only supposed to be ONE!”

There’s quite a bit of interesting trivia regarding this film on IMDB. Most if it is quite bodacious and excellent, but some of it just makes me face-palm at the sheer lameness of the error. For example: Scotland isn’t big enough for the area they’re in to exist.

One of the actors apparently knew this, but for some reason, didn’t say anything.

One thing that I was rather pleased with was the lack of CGI present. Apparently, the people involved in the filming thought it was overused at the time (as if, look at it now) and had most things done with animatronics, costumes, and makeup.

I, for one, like it that way. CGI is a nice thing to have, but when acting itself is forsaken and replaced with it, I can’t help but feel cheated. Good things/tools should be used sparingly, or they quickly lose their value.

OK, so after that shitty trailer you know that the film doesn’t take itself too seriously, meaning even all of you non-horror fans can probably still watch it and have a good time.


Movies You’ve Never Heard Of: Insomnia

May 15, 2010

Brought to my attention by an acquaintance who has great taste when it comes to movies, Insomnia is a detective/cop thriller movie made in 2002. It stars Al Pacino, who is one of few actors I can instantly recognize and name, though I guess that can be said for most people.

A local girl is murdered in Nightmute, a small fishing town in Alaska. As the town’s police force is not used to handling murder cases, they call in for help. Will Dormer and Hap Eckhart, two LAPD detectives, arrive by plane soon after.

The protagonist, Dormer, is quick to jump on the case, but is quickly deterred when he learns that, although the sun is high in the sky, it is actually 10 pm. Checking in at a hotel, he confirms that the sun does not set in Nightmute during this time of year at all, and much to his distress, is unable to even get a moment of sleep that night. Or the night after. Or the night after that. Being affected more each day by sleep deprivation, he pushes forward and works to solve the homocide case.

What really sold me on Insomnia was how, much to my delight, the antagonist is none other than Robin Williams. Knowing fully well that the man is usually either in comedies and/or one of the protagonists, it came as quite a surprise when I learned of his role. He plays the part quite well, and although I have nothing to compare it to, I was quite satisfied by his acting. I wouldn’t mind seeing him play more antagonistic roles in the future at all.

Apparently Insomnia is a North American remake of a Norwegian film made in 1997 (with the same name). I’m rather intrigued by the original Insomnia, as the characters seem to have completely different attitudes and priorities, which could change many situations in a good way. I’ll probably look into it sometime, though for now it’ll have to wait.

I’m not really a big fan of the thriller genre, and even so I enjoyed watching Insomnia. Give it a peak, you may enjoy it.


Movies You’ve Never Heard Of: Equilibrium

April 8, 2010

I found out about Equilibrium after reading Jouka no Monshou, a fanfiction in Visual Novel form. There are many familiar faces in Equilibrium, but they aren’t people whose names I can remember (since I’m pretty bad with actors’ names).

The setting is the same: after a Third World War, some of the remaining humans build Libria, a society where it is necessary to suppress emotions through the use of a drug called Prozium. Leading the society is a Big Brother-like figure known only as Father, though he isn’t constantly watching you.

The protagonist this time around is John Preston, the highest ranked Grammaton Cleric in the current Order (a.k.a Batman). His job is to aid in eradicating rebel groups of those who have neglected to take the drug, and destroy anything that could possibly inspire human emotions. These emotion-inspiring materials are things such as movies, books and paintings. Preston does show up in Jouka no Monshou for a brief moment, in which the protagonist (Bernard) asks him for advice. Like Bernard, Preston eventually misses his dose. Unlike Bernard, though, it is only thanks to a string of unlucky events.

Many people tend to compare Equilibrium to The Matrix, Fahrenheit 451 and 1984. It’s true that there are many similarities, but even so Equilibrium has its own charm. Yes, the plot may look like a bunch of other things mashed together, but that’s a case in modern literature and movies as well (Twilight, Eragon, and Avatar to name a few). The action scenes are on almost on par with The Matrix, but they make use of little to no slow motion. This is unfortunate, because at times you can’t actually see what’s going on.

There were a couple of scenes that had me curious as to how they took place, since people were supposedly emotionless. I wasn’t very fond of the first gunfight, as the way Preston moves and the sound effects made me laugh and want to turn it off. There’s also the 1 vs 1 fight at the end that struck me as odd, though in Jouka no Monshou a similar fight takes place and I enjoyed it a lot. Perhaps it just looks better in writing.

Watch this film if you get the opportunity, chances are you won’t be too disappointed. While you’re at it, download Jouka no Monshou (it’s free).


Life of I

May 4, 2009

Hey there. I failed. Supposed to have a post every two days. Ah well. Everyone have a nice weekend?

Saturday… I attended a birthday party. We went glow-bowling. Everyone was younger than me, but it was fun anyway. Then Chinese food. We were really loud and obnoxious. I think they were a little bit glad when we left, but they were nice about it.
Sunday was fun too. Helped assemble a gazebo and barbeque, then went to see the Wolverine movie with family and friends. Was pretty sweet, I must admit. Go see it.
Today was fun too. I went to my anatomy class. Eye dissection. I’ll put on some pictures later. If you want. You don’t, do you?
I had some actual content for this, but that will go on later. See you peoples later.


Gonna Watch

April 23, 2009

Was reading around and was told that a blog should be posted in at least once every two days, and as I really have nothing better to post about I just though I’d make a list of movies that I have interest in watching when I get the chance.

rec REC is a Spanish horror film released back in 2007. My uncle was actually the one that recommended it to me, how long ago I don’t remember, but now I’m actually getting around to seeing it. REC is the story of a television reporter, Ángela Vidal, and her cameraman, Pablo, who are covering the night shift in a local fire station for the documentary series While You Sleep. Although they are prepared for a more or less normal night, stuff goes awry and the horror begins.

One of Jim Carrey’s newer movies, Yes Man seems like much more of a funny comedy as opposed to a stupid one. Apparently it is based on a true story, and is about a random depressed guy that starts saying “yes” to every opportunity that presents itself, and ends up happy and whatnot. Knowing it’s a Jim Carrey movie, though, I’m kind of scared to find out exactly what he will agree to do throughout the movie.

El Orfanato (The Orphanage) is another Spanish horror film, though this time no one really recommended it to me. The main character, Laura, returns to the orphanage in which she grew up with her husband, Carlos, and adopted son, Simón. She hopes to turn the orphanage into a home for disabled children, but a problem arises when Simón makes an “imaginary” friend with whom he threatens to run away with.

A thriller this time, Taken is the story of a man who sets off to track his daughter down after she is kidnapped in Europe. There isn’t that much else to say about it, except that the trailer really made me want to watch it.

If you know of any movies that are just plain excellent, or you at least think so, feel free to comment and let me know so I can watch them sometime.