Alright. Saxon here. I’ve been tooling around with AutoHotkey, a scripting language written in C++. Designed for macros and the like, I’ve found it useful on many occasions. Here, I plan to post finished and even unfinished works, for the following reasons.
1. I WANT TO GET PEOPLE TO ACTUALLY USE THEM. They’re handy, and some have actually been requested of me.
2. I’VE PUT MORE WORK INTO THEM THAN NECESSARY. Things like making them more user friendly, which doesn’t affect me at all. And I want something to show for my time.

For any questions, or concerns, ideas, or special requests, please drop a comment on here or on another script page, and I promise nothing. You can also contact me by email at tynansdtm@gmail.com

IF YOU’RE SO INCLINED and would like to make a little 16×16 system tray icon that you feel would be appropriate for these programs, email it to me. If I like it, it’ll be included in the next version, and you’ll be credited online and in the About page.


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