Windows Key Blocker

No download link yet Uploaded October 3rd, 2009.
Download source code

Here’s a program requested by a friend of mine. Hitting the Windows key by accident had literally cost him the match when playing World of Warcraft. It started as about two lines, but I’ve more recently expanded it to allow you to specify the window.

-Disable another key
-Make the windows key (or any other key) act like another key
-Bind the activate/deactivate command to a keyboard shortcut
Then talk to me. It’ll probably be really easy. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, try editting the source code, and then compiling it yourself. I might even look over it for you if it doesn’t work.

-Blocking for multiple programs (a list of them) -but for now it’s pretty easy to change on the fly AND I haven’t restricted you from launching several copies
-User-specified key or keys to block – Likely only if there are several requests.
-Recalling the last blocked program – Seems like the most likely thing on the list. Might get messed up with several copies running though. I’ll work it out.

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