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Movies You’ve Never Heard Of: Dog Soldiers

June 16, 2010

Walking into the garden late one day
Sometime last year around mid May
I saw my next door neighbor walking down the road
And suddenly next to my abode
He did the mash?
Sadly, no. He lent me a movie.

A group of British Soldiers are dropped into the Scottish Highlands for a routine training exercise. They make it well known during the landing that they’re missing an extremely important football game, and are in earnest to finish the exercise as quickly as possible so they can return home. The exercise refuses to be finished easily, however, and decides to make their lives difficult.

Seeing a distress flare in the distance, they go investigate and happen upon a destroyed Special Forces camp. Alongside the gory vegetation, they find many cases of unorthodox equipment, but no bodies. The Sergeant asks the radio man to call in and ask for an airlift. To their surprise, a wounded survivor springs up, repeatedly screaming that “there was only supposed to be ONE!”

There’s quite a bit of interesting trivia regarding this film on IMDB. Most if it is quite bodacious and excellent, but some of it just makes me face-palm at the sheer lameness of the error. For example: Scotland isn’t big enough for the area they’re in to exist.

One of the actors apparently knew this, but for some reason, didn’t say anything.

One thing that I was rather pleased with was the lack of CGI present. Apparently, the people involved in the filming thought it was overused at the time (as if, look at it now) and had most things done with animatronics, costumes, and makeup.

I, for one, like it that way. CGI is a nice thing to have, but when acting itself is forsaken and replaced with it, I can’t help but feel cheated. Good things/tools should be used sparingly, or they quickly lose their value.

OK, so after that shitty trailer you know that the film doesn’t take itself too seriously, meaning even all of you non-horror fans can probably still watch it and have a good time.